International Business Consultants is a global consultancy headquartered in Shanghai.
With decade-long collective experience from serving multinational enterprises in emerging markets,
we can offer tailormade solutions to complex challenges faced by our clients.


Most MNEs do have a clearly defined strategy at corporate level. However, in our experience, this is not as common at regional and functional level. We can support the strategy development process  and help ensuring alignment vertically and horizontally across the enterprise.


Without proper execution, strategy has little relevance. Corporate functions need to operate well in separate, but also need proper orchestration in order to avoid sub optimization. With our functional expertise, we can help driving effectiveness and efficiency improvements for overall performance improvement.


As companies expand overseas and enter new markets, they also face challenges they have not experienced before, such as different cultural, economic and legal environments. See how we support market entry in new markets and business expansion in existing ones.


Digitalization is currently sweeping like a wave across all industries. It is not only about technology, but equally much about people, organization and processes. We take a holistic approach on how to take your company to the next level.


About the Company

International Business Consultants is a botique consultancy which has its roots dating back to 2007, where it was spun off as the commercial arm from Supply Management Institute. Over time, its business scope has expanded from being a pure sourcing consultancy to nowadays also include functional areas such marketing, distribution, R&D, and finance, also covering strategy and operations. Furthermore, by virtue of originating out of Shanghai, China, the company can provide an unique insights and on-the-ground support that few rivals can match.

The rise of emering markets is not about starting a new chapter in human history. It's a continuation of the history chapter about past glory. The question today is not where countries like China is in the world - it's a matter of where in China is the world. You can leapfrog competition by acknowledging this notion, or let it leapfrog you."

Dr. Martin Lockstrom, Managing Partner