Our Company

International Business Consultants is a botique consultancy which has its roots dating back to 2007, where it was spun off as the commercial arm from Supply Management Institute. Over time, its business scope has expanded from being a pure sourcing consultancy to nowadays also include functional areas such marketing, distribution, R&D, and finance, also covering strategy and operations. Throughout time, the guiding principle has always been the same, namely to meet the needs from companies by delivering independent and innovative solutions to complex problems.

By virtue of originating out of Shanghai, China, our company can provide unique insights and on-the-ground support that few rivals can match. Seeing is believing, therefore physical presence is the only way to unearth opportunities and neutralize threats. Furthermore, we are firm believers that China is the most competitive environment in the world - therefore, if you can survive in the rough and tumble here, chances are that you are going to succeed elsewhere.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their strategic and tactical goals by providing unparalleled know-how and business intelligence. Our vision is to become the leading botique consultancy in the fields that we are operating in.


Our team comprises a network of consultants with cutting-edge expertise in selected areas that allow us to deploy world-class teams that can support our clients to achieve their ambitious goals. We always assemble teams comprising complementary competencies from both consulting, the industry and academia, spanning fields like business, law, engineering, and natural sciences, depending on the specific client engagement.