According to an anecdote, Henry Ford is said to have stated: "If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have replied 'a faster horse' ". With this in mind, it is important to remember that the key to market leadership is not by listening too much to your customers, but relentless persuit of the best and most innovative products and services possible. Only by making customers aware of needs they didn't knew they had, true market leadership can come into fruition, something which companies like Apple and Google for long have realized.

Utilizing IT to Drive Top-Line Performance

Traditionally, IT has been a tool for reducing cost and improving efficiency, something which has fueled the entire IT offshoring and BPO trends since the early 1980s. However, the time has now come where IT can be truly harnessed not only for improving bottom-line results, but also for driving top-line growth. By utilizing IT in novel and innovative ways, its scalability and flexibility can rapidly enable firms to create new products and services. Things like microtransactions, pervasive computing, artificial intelligence (AI) are all manifestations of this trend. Companies that do not embrace this risk falling behind the competitive race.

Taking Automation to the Next Level

All too often, we have seen companies duplicating work to levels of the extreme. Just take a simple thing like extracting and visualizing data from an ERP system as an example. Why should multiple employees do this manually, using their own Excel or PowerPoint template? Such mundane task should not be subject for consumption of human brainpower. Instead, these tasks should be automated so that they can be executed by lower-level staff on a repeat basis, thereby reducing the need for people at managerial level to get involved. Traditional ERP systems have gone far in terms streamlining and integration, but from an overall perspective, infrastructure is in most cases patchy, and still requires manual labor. Thankfully, today's Internet-enabled enterprises have opened up a totally new world of opportunities for small-scale, but impactful systems integration.

Our Offerings

Reinvigorating innovativeness is not a pure technological question. Even though, technological prowess certainly helps, it is not a sufficient requirement. Technology always has to be underpinned by a comprehensive and rigorous innovation process, that spans from ideation to market launch - the ability to monetize an idea (regardless of new or old) - is the very definition of innovation. Generating ideas alone, on the other hand, is inventiveness. We have the competency and know-how to provide the following services related to digitalization:

  • Digital transformation
  • AI & machine learning
  • Innovation co-creation
  • Big data & cloud computing
  • Business model reengineering
  • Industry 4.0 implementation

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